Sunday, May 10, 2009


There are six slideshows - sorry, way too many photos, but difficult to edit. All have such good memories. Hopefully, you can go through one or two and come back another day and go through the rest. They are in date order from when we came back from the south in March to now. You can click on the slideshow to control the speed, then when finished either close or click gillyfoy's gallery to view another.


Unknown said...

Dear Mr and Mrs Foy,

My name is Dan Aulwurm and I am the merchandise manager for the anchor category at West Marine. I was able to locate your blog address via the information in Latitude 38. We were very concerned that you had a difficult experience with the Kong Spa swivel. Having product fail is an issue we take very seriously at West Marine. We have not experienced a failure of this type on this unit to date. We would like to see what caused this failure. We take these issues very seriously and want to provide our customers with product they can trust. I am hoping we could obtain the part of the Kong Spa swivel that was shown in the photograph and what was left on the anchor rode. We will of course reimburse you for costs incurred returning the product. We are currently pulling product from our warehouse for testing to understand what possible failures can occur. If you wish to correspond with me as well I would be most receptive to get your input.

We apologize for your incident and make every effort to ensure that the product we supply is reliable. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated and help us supply better products to all boaters in the future. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks in advance,

Dan Aulwurm

Assistant Vice President

Divisional Merchandise Manager Hardlines

West Marine


Heather said...

hey guys!
we are getting excited for our mexico vacation this summer> we will be tere by the end of June...about a month see you soon love the pix
matt and heather