Monday, June 7, 2010

January to May 2010

2010 has been quite different from our Mexico experience of the past two years when we spent considerable time on Destiny cruising the Mexican "Gold Coast" and up into the beautiful Sea of Cortez. John's daughter, Hillary, and family have been living in the nearby community of San Pancho since last August and we've been fortunate to spend spend a good deal of time with them. We've bonded with the grand kids in a way that would otherwise not be possible from some distance away.

We simply call the four of them "The Family" probably because they represent to us what the nuclear family is all about. Mom, dad and two young kids living together more or less harmoniously. How does a family like this living the American dream in Colorado Springs give it all up to spend almost a year in Mexico (rhetorical question). We're not talking about moving to a beach front condo in relatively affluent Punt Mita where we are lucky enough to live, but rather to a modest home in a real Mexican working class neighborhood. Their street is narrow, dusty and comes complete with all the sounds that make up Mexico. Endlessly loud music blaring from the neighbor across the street who must singlehandedly keep Corona in business, roosters that do much more than crow in the early morning, a constant parade of noisy trucks selling everything from donuts to dishware, stray dogs at the front door looking for food and water and it all goes on and on....

Imagine Scott, who was able to get permission from HP to work remotely for one year, having to endure this noise while involved in constant conference calls. He became an expert at using the mute button so his colleagues would not think he was just partying in Mexico. And then there is Hillary who dearly loves animals..... How could she not bring in these strays to make a better life for them?? And then there is 7 year old Brynn and 5 year old Callie attending a Spanish speaking school and having to make a new set of friends from another culture.

A must see video of their not-so-quiet street... Make sure your sound is up.

The Serenity of Calle Nueva Galicia from Hillary Dickman on Vimeo.

You might ask, "How did they handle all of this?" They did it with absolute flying colors! They all adjusted as necessary to their new life style and will soon go back to Colorado with a wealth knowledge about Mexico and the unique culture that makes up this most interesting of countries. And, they will carry back a new appreciation for what they have in America.

What about us?? We've been able to bond with the grand kids and enjoy special time with Scott and Hillary. Had they not decided to move to Mexico for 11 months none of this would have been possible. We can resume the cruising life style next year knowing that we were blessed by the presence.

Check out the photos to give you some idea of what we have been doing since we returned to Mexico at the end of October.

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