Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Our new mainsail

As part of the process to ready Destiny for our upcoming cruise we splurged with the purchase of a new main and jib. There are still some outstanding issues with the jib so we don't have it, but we had a chance to try out the new main last Saturday and it looks great. John also got himself soaked making some adjustments to our new standing rigging. We were out in the middle of the Bay near Alcatraz with a good breeze when a couple of ferry wakes got John while he was on the leeward rail fumbling around with some tools. No photos are available to chronicle this event and no audio which is fortunate because he wasn't very happy.

Click on any of the below shown photos to see a slideshow...

Our cool new main

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Emily said...

Hi John,Hi Gilly,
Had a rough view of your story and pics, very nice....

Keep on your romantic journey!