Monday, September 17, 2007

Our Punta Mita Condo - update

Our Punta Mita condo, "El Farito" (Spanish for "Little lighthouse"), is finally starting to look like a real building that could actually be occupied by someone other than the workers who are constructing it. Located on the beach about 45 minutes northwest of Puerta Vallarta on beautiful Banderas Bay the place is scheduled to be completed around he end of November. The interior is well on the way to completion with contstruction on the pool, hot tub and palapa soon to commence. We anticipate arriving at Punta Mita via the water route about the time it's done. Right now we don't have any place to stick the boat while we take possession and furnish it but something will work out. After all, we're not on any kind of schedule. Check out the most recent photos sent by the builder.

To view photos and captions, click on the photos.

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Ron said...

Hi John & Gilly. I am living vicariously through your travels. I'm slaving away in beautiful Fresno while you float on the Pacific. Your stories and photos are great, please keep it up it's my escape from the coffee world. Linda and the kids say hi (Zoe is now driving and playing waterpolo). I just swam the Angel Island to Tiburon race and beat Zoe. I swam 9 minutes faster than last year...and I am paying for it! Ron.